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Champions league
Europa League
Premier League (8)
Championship (11)
League One (12)
League Two (10)
Primera Division (4)
Segunda Division (4)
1.Bundesliga (6)
2.Bundesliga (3)
Serie A (3)
Serie B (4)
Ligue 2 (1)
Ligue 1 (6)
Eerste Divisie
Jupiler League (4)
Primeira Liga
Veikkausliiga (6)
Eliteserien (6)
Serie A
CSL (5)
Premier League (7)
Süper lig (3)
Super League (4)
Super League (2)
Bundesliga (3)
Superliga (1)
MLS (10)
1.HNL (2)
1.liga (4)
Otp Bank Liga (6)
Premiership (5)
1.SNL (5)



Terms & Conditions

Server LeaguSpy.com provide statistical data for football leagues which are on left side menu page. By the availability of information we offer also information as missing list of clubs and probable lineups.
Access to this data is paid by credits. Credits are use for subscription of leagues information.
Provider of LeagueSpy.com is committed to attribute costumers credits within 48 hours after the payment recieved. (Usually immediately after the payment.
About the time of termination of leagues subscription is each user informed on the customer account page.
Informations published on website LeagueSpy.com are only for personal use of costumers. Their other publication without permission is considered a gross violation of terms and conditions and may result in the cancellation of access to the customer and without compensation.

Return & Cancellation policy

Although we strive for accuracy, LeagueSpy.com accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of statistical data reported here. The divergence of the data reported here is not a reason for a refund.
The reason for the CREDITS refund is:
- Failure to provide service, which is on the mind at least 50% complete Match previews of leagues. In this case, the operator returns the user to a proportion of credits, which the user will then be used to further subscription.

The reason for the FEE refund is:
- Continuous server outage for more than 48 hours in a row
- Repeated server outage for a period longer than 24 hours (at least 3 times in a calendar month) In the case of fulfillment of any of the above reasons, the operator at the written request by the user is obliged to return the proportional part of the subscription which was not used. Payment will be send at least till one month from data of request.


Rostislav Novak (CEO)
(czech or english)
Petr Jeník
U Rybníčku 1128
47001 Česká Lípa
(only czech) IČ: 72606622

Diana Kovačová
Srázná 1388/13
58601 Jihlava
IČ: 03896692

SUPPORT EMAIL: support@leaguespy.com
BANK: FIO BANK Czech Republic
IBAN: CZ8420100000002600419488
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